Young People

'JAM' (Jesus And Me)
'Jelly' (Jam not yet set!)

JAM – for children in Infant and Junior School

Jelly – for preschool and younger

Laura Roberts

Sunday School Leader

During the year we host various events – Pancake tea, Mothers Day Posies, Advent rings, Nativity play. We also help out at family services and other services during the year.


Each session has clear aims, enabling children to participate fully at an appropriate level for their understanding. We paint, glue, glitter, cut, colour, stick, and use various craft tools to assist us as we go.


We hope that when the children are finished each week they go away with a slightly clearer understanding of the Bible readings and want to come back, as it is important to all of us that the children enjoy what they do. We believe in having fun as much as anything else!


Hockey and uni-hockey talents, by Thomas and Elizabeth


Advent, by Elizabeth and Seb


Jesus and children recharging batteries, Sunday 31st January