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APCM - 7pm, 14th May, 2023 

Forms for the Election of Church Wardens

  • Form for nomination as Church Warden

Forms for the APCM

  • Form to join the Electoral Roll

  • Form for nomination for the PCC 

  • Form for nomination for Deanery Synod representative

APCM documents

  • APCM agenda

  • Draft minutes from the APCM meeting held 24th April 2022

  • Annual report for 2021 including financial statements

APCM - previous years

2021 report (inc Financial) for APCM held on 24th Apr 2022

2020 report (inc Financial) for APCM held on 2nd May 2021

2019 reports for APCM held on 15th September 2020

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