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Prayer Calendar Topics


The media and the arts

Farming and fishing

Commerce and industry

Those whose work is unfulfilling, stressful or fraught with danger

Those who are unemployed


All who are sick in body, mind and spirit

Those in the midst of famine and disaster

Victims of abuse and violence, intolerance and prejudice

Those who are bereaved

All who work in the medical and healing professions


The social services

All who work in the criminal justice system

Victims and perpetrators of crime

The work of aid agencies throughout the world

Those living in poverty or under oppression


Local government, community leaders

All who provide local services

Those who work with young or elderly people

Schools, colleges and universities

Emergency and rescue organisations


The Queen, MPs and the armed forces

Peace and justice in the world

Those who work for reconciliation

All whose lives are devastated by war and civil strife

Prisoners, refugees and homeless people


Our homes, families and all whom we love

Those whose time is spent caring for others

Those who are close to death

Those who have lost hope

The worship of the Church


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