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Parish Office &


Mrs Sandra Hare

01252 617130


On Sunday the 5th of July

Our worship at Christ Church restarts, with simple services at 9am (quiet), 10am (normal), and 11am (family).

We are compliant with regulations from the Government, the National Church, and the Diocese, which limits our numbers, so please book a place by phoning the office. 

The oldest book written in Welsh dates from the 13th century, and is called the black book of Carmarthen, which includes these lines (translated):  


I am a flame of fire, blazing with passionate love ;

I am a spark of light, illuminating the deepest truth;

I am a rough ocean, heaving with righteous anger ;

I am a calm lake, comforting the troubled breast ;

I am a wild storm, raging at human sins;

I am a gentle breeze, blowing hope in the sudden and heart ;

I am dry dust, choking worldly ambition ;

I am wet earth, bearing rich fruits of grace .

Sunday Services


Services are held every Sunday in the main Church at 8am and 10am. For the types of worship and timings please see our Services Section.  We are always keen to welcome new people and families to our church.  We have a loop system for those with impaired hearing and a soft play area for children.  We warmly invite you to join us.  If you wish to chat about our service before coming please speak with the Parish Office.




Home Communion


If you are unable to attend the Sunday service because of ill health please contact the Parish Office to discuss Communion at home.






Praise to you, almighty God,

whom we meet in all the roads and reaches of our lives;

you lift up the lowly and bring down the boastful.

Give us insight, we pray, to align our lives with your love,

That we may ever walk in the way of your will.


            Our Mission


We believe that the faith should always be welcoming. The building may be closed, but the community of faith continues in prayer and devotion. Our mission is to be fully devoted to Jesus Christ by opening our hearts and minds to those in search of the truth. We show God’s love and concern for each other at every opportunity. We are faithful to God's word, his Holy Sacraments, and the traditions of the church worked out through love and charity for our community.




Our 2015 Quinquennial Report





On the 25th of September 2016 we launched the NEW Diocesan Mission Strategy.  It is based around - Transform Church - Transforming lives.  Within it there are 12 Transformational Goals:


1.   Making Disciples 2. Increasing Believers 3.   Growing a Youth Ministry 4. Developing Lay Leaders 5. Recruiting Clergy 6. Cultivating Community Partnerships 7. Reaching beyond borders. 8. Nurturing Education. 

9.   Encouraging Giving 10. Sharing expertise

11. Communication. 12. Improving Church Building.


Every Blessing 

On behalf of Christ Church Crookham





Christ Church has great facilities for Meetings, Parties, Christening & Funeral teas, Study Classes and Lectures and we are the cheapest in the area. Please click HERE to find out more


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