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Mrs Sandra Hare

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            Our Mission


We believe that the faith should always be welcoming. The building may be closed, but the community of faith continues in prayer and devotion. Our mission is to be fully devoted to Jesus Christ by opening our hearts and minds to those in search of the truth. We show God’s love and concern for each other at every opportunity. We are faithful to God's word, his Holy Sacraments, and the traditions of the church worked out through love and charity for our community.

Sunday Services


Services are held every Sunday in the main Church at 8am and 10am. For the types of worship and timings please see our Services Section.  We are always keen to welcome new people and families to our church.  We have a loop system for those with impaired hearing and a soft play area for children.  We warmly invite you to join us.  If you wish to chat about our service before coming please speak with the Parish Office.




Home Communion


If you are unable to attend the Sunday service because of ill health please contact the Parish Office to discuss Communion at home.






Holy Places in Lent


Apr 4 Sat The place where I wait


There is for me a place of fulfillment, of worship,

My place

where I wait to meet with you.




Dear Lord of all,

My Lord,

as this place has been a blessing to me,

so may it be a blessing to others. Amen.





Thought for the day


Good evening*,


I received this from a thoughtful lady:


It’s a big eye opener all of this, isn’t it


We are finally realising money has no value.


Your amazing job is no longer an amazing job, your expensive clothes now have no worth and no one cares how you look anymore.


Your big house is just 4 empty walls like everyone else’s.


Your nice car is running on 4 tyres, the same as everyone else’s.


We are finally seeing who the important people are, the ones who make a difference to our lives and are doing the crucial jobs we need.


Shop workers ✔️

Care workers ✔️

NHS staff ✔️

Emergency services ✔️

Farmers ✔️

Teachers ✔️

Lorry drivers/delivery people ✔️

Cleaners ✔️

Refuse workers ✔️


These people are the ones who keep our country ticking over, the core of our daily lives, the people who regularly go unnoticed and are often frowned upon but keep working hard, generally on a low income.

People constantly look down on them and gloat that they earn more money than them.


But what worth does your money have now?

How secure is your job in the real world when we take a step back to reality?


I’m proud of all of these people, they don’t earn enough for what they do, and they’re never appreciated for what they contribute.


Be kind to them, thank them, go out your way to tell them what an amazing job they’re doing.

Could you imagine how much worse this would be without them??

Be thankful, I hope to see you all when we come out the other side


Have a good day,


Steve Franklin

Vicar of Crookham


O God, our Father, whose son came to serve, not to be served,

bless all those who serve us, especially those who have been long regarded as being lowly. Thank you for them, and their work; keep them safe and happy.



*Sorry this is quite late in the day, I’ve spent quite a long time preparing the worship service for tomorrow, at 10 am Palm Sunday.

I hope you can join us then.




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Our 2015 Quinquennial Report





On the 25th of September 2016 we launched the NEW Diocesan Mission Strategy.  It is based around - Transform Church - Transforming lives.  Within it there are 12 Transformational Goals:


1.   Making Disciples 2. Increasing Believers 3.   Growing a Youth Ministry 4. Developing Lay Leaders 5. Recruiting Clergy 6. Cultivating Community Partnerships 7. Reaching beyond borders. 8. Nurturing Education. 

9.   Encouraging Giving 10. Sharing expertise

11. Communication. 12. Improving Church Building.


Every Blessing 

On behalf of Christ Church Crookham





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