Christ Church Crookham is the parish church of Church Crookham and Crookham Village and is situated on Gally Hill Road in the heart of the community. 


Our worship services are varied, to meet the different spiritual needs of our Parish. Our aim in worship is to make a meeting place with God and with one another.

We offer a warm welcome to you at our church.

Revd. Steve Franklin

On-line services

Due to increasing Covid casualties the PCC has suspended all services in church until further notice.

The service for Sunday 28th Feb can be found on our Facebook page and on the "Streamed Services" page by clicking the image.


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Monday to Saturday faith - a Prayer Calendar for the Parish

Intercessory prayer - praying for the needs of others - can seem an enormous, never-ending task, like being asked to eat an elephant. And if the answer to the question ‘How do you eat an elephant’ is ‘one mouthful at a time’, the answer to ‘how do we pray for all the things we need to’ is similar: most of the problem is both knowing where to start, and where to finish for the day.


This prayer calendar draws together general topics for each day, specific dioceses in the worldwide Anglican Church, parishes in our own diocese and geographical areas of our parish so that each day has a unique collection of topics for prayer.

Tuesday, Chad, Bishop of Lichfield, Missionary


Area 5 (Courtmoor and Dinorben)


Please pray for Church Musicians, Organists, Choirs, Music Groups, Bell Ringers and all who enhance worship through music.

Worldwide Anglican Church

The Diocese of Arochukwu / Ohafia - The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Province of Aba)


Photo by Piyush Priyank on Unsplash

Those in the midst of famine or disaster

The parish boundary and areas can be seen on an enlarged version of the map by clicking the image to the right.


Feed a Child at Easter appeal


Following the success of our Christmas appeal, and with the support of our local schools, Christ Church Crookham hopes to support families in need over the Easter holiday period. 

For more information including how to donate click the image.

Organ Music


If you are missing the sound of the organ played by Derek Canfield, go to the Music page for some recordings.

Click the image to go to the Music Page.

Help!  Church History


Are you able to help by providing information about the church building and history for the website (Buildings subpage)?  Please contact the webmaster here.   Thank you.

Flowers of the Month - March


Read about what is happening in the world of flowers!  A regular article by Sarah Smith.

Click on the image to go to the page with the article.

Thought for the day in Lent

And thanks for all the answers to Thursday’s question about animals, which included:

a red kite, goldcrest, wren, kingfisher, red cardinal, dolphins, octopus, red legged partridge, mother and baby whale,  and even an alligator on the underground!

Several people rightly upbraided me for asking for only one animal, when there are so many, and everybody said about how the sight of the animal (even a sparrow) made them feel. When we see the glories of this world it awakens something in us.

Keep looking, keep rejoicing.

Have a good day.

Steve Franklin

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PCC Meeting

Thurs 11th March

The next PCC Meeting is at 8pm on the 11th March (by Zoom).

Online Giving


You can now give donations online to help with the work of Church.
See the Church Stewardship page

Parish Magazine


The Parish Magazine continues to be produced, as a PDF for emailing. If you would like a copy contact the office.

Hart Food bank

28th Feb

Hart Food bank currently request donations of custard, rice pudding, jam sponge pudding, mash, tinned potatoes, UHT milk, deodorant and soap.
Thank you.

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