Steve's Thought for the Day

And thanks for your replies to my question about the treasures from your past.

Most agreed these are not objects of great monetary value;

For some these were actual things, photographs, mementos and souvenirs;

For those who have been exploring their family’s past there are revelations about past times, and historic records.

For many there are memories which keep on giving us pleasure; memories of places and events, but most special are the memories of people we have loved.

I hope we can leave such memories for the generations to come.

Have a good day.

Steve Franklin

Vicar of Crookham

The God who walks gently with his people 

bless you with peace

The God who lightly carries the world

bless you in the burdens you carry

The God who laughs and cries with people in their joys and sorrows

Bless you in all the hidden life of your heart


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