Steve's Thought for the Day

Fri 16th April

And thank you for the various answers to my question about in what areas you are prepared to fail, which included dusting, gardening, cleaning the windows, deleting e mails, sorting out the loft.

And the idea that you can always do the other tasks another time, and ideally we should manage a balance.

Important to remember the old adage: ‘boring people have tidy homes’.

Have a good day.

Steve Franklin

Vicar of Crookham.

May God grant you the blessing of efficiency, that your tasks may be light;

The blessing of cancelled meetings, so you may have extra hours;

And the blessing of clear vision, so you may do what delights you.


Thurs 15th April

I often find myself having to prioritise, as I can’t be in three places at once. I think it is sensible to decide what is the most important thing to do, until I then consider that I am choosing to fail to do the other things.

My question for today is:

Do you find yourself prioritising? And what things do you decide to fail to achieve?

Have a good day.

Steve Franklin

Vicar of Crookham

Dear God,

there are so many things to do,

Help us all to live with the fact we can’t do everything;

Help us to prioritise;

And help us to live with our choices.


Fri 9th April

And thanks for all the answers regarding fixing other people’s needs,

Which included removing sadness, loneliness, impatience, selfishness, negativity, pain, stress, and worry.

And improving communication, and helping people to receive the love of God.

And solving the disconnect between people and Christianity; many people talk about this being a Christian country, without really understanding what Christianity is.

There are so many problems in the world; Maybe these answers tell us about ourselves; which problems we have had experience of, and which ones awake our compassion.

Have a good day.

Steve Franklin

Vicar of Crookham.

May God bless you with his love and care

So as to awaken your compassion

That through your words,

and actions,

and kindness

and generosity

and smiles

You may be a blessing to others.


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