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On returning to church

I very much enjoy Dave Walker’s cartoons in the Church Times (examples of his work can be found at I seem to remember that he published one on the subject of returning to church last year, with the church members gradually discovering all the detritus that had accumulated during lockdown as they cautiously peeped through the door.

I heard the story of a church in our diocese whose bellringers inspected the tower before their return to ringing last year, only to find that a flock of white doves had found a way through the louvres and set up home in the belfry, with the result that the bells were unringable due to the accumulated guano. Our return to church for Palm Sunday should not involve any nasty surprises (we hope!) as Revd Steve and the churchwardens have been in and out since Christmas, and even the boiler seems to be behaving at the moment!

I realised this morning as I was taking my usual lockdown apparel of comfortable clothes out of the wardrobe that I was not only going to have to set my alarm on Sunday morning, but I was going to have to dig out something a little more formal to wear. I’ve been in the same small subset of clothes for so long that I’ve forgotten what the rest of my wardrobe contains. It will, I hope, be a nice surprise to find both old favourites and more probably some more recent purchases I’ve forgot ten I bought.

Easter is a time of new life, new hope, and of rediscovering the pleasures of chocolate or wine if we’ve given these up for Lent. Our return to church seems appropriate at this time of year as we rediscover the pleasures of worshipping together in our lovely building. I’m going to have fun finding something different to wear, even if I’m bleary-eyed from the effects of the clocks going forward. I’ll see you there (if I manage to set both the clock and alarm successfully)!

Ros Fox

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