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PCC meeting 12th Nov
CCC refreshed website 

Me: A retired computer 'techie'. Also 8 years webmaster for Crondall/Ewshot parish website

Current CCC site (until 3 weeks ago)

  • Rarely updated

  • Incorrect information

  • Enquiries going into a 'black hole'

  • Low usage

Historically the leaflet has been our main communication route. But a website is first point for information for most people. Even 47% of over 75s use internet (ONS).

Two main website design considerations

  • Static (very low maintenance)

  • Dynamic

Welcome to the new CCC website

(Hoping to go live next week)


*** Going Soon!   ***

CCC refreshed website


Regular updates (at least weekly)

  • Notices (*)

  • Weekly Sheet

  • Thought for the Day (*)

  • Embedded Facebook recorded services (**)

  • Calendar of 'events' (**)

  • Calendar of venue hire & availability (**)

Ad hoc updates

  • Church seasons

  • Special services

  • Social events

  • PCC business & APCM

  • Financial appeals (online donation)

  • etc. 

(*) Uses Content Manager (no web authoring required)

(**) Automatic, from external source

Associated concerns 
  • 'Islands' of IT, particularly gmail accounts and mailboxes

  • No documentation 

  • No ownership

  • Need to plan for joined-up communications

  • Lack of understanding and use of emails/accounts set up by Blucando


            20 of these: vicar, webmaster, pcc.secretary, treasurer etc.

  • Two similar, but slightly different CCC Facebook Group/Place

  • An impression that the PCC operates behind closed doors

But ....
  • Lots of enthusiasm and desire to make things better!

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