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Arts Festival 25-28 Oct 2023

Welcome, the 2023 Christ Church Crookham Arts Festival is open for registration.

Following on from the successful 2022 arts festival the decision has been made to run the event again this year, with some of the learnings from last year.


Last year we hosted 41 artists, with a total of 268 original works.  We sold 51 of the original works, and £310 of cards, folios and other works.


The most expensive individual piece was sold for £645, with the average being £125, with most artists pricing art in the £75 to £100 range.  That said we had 11 pieces selling for under £50.


This year we are encouraging all artists to join us, we will have additional space for 3d Art, and additional space available - we will also be open on the Saturday. 


This means we are planning to open with the Gala evening on Wednesday, and then public days from Thursday to Saturday, with Saturday evening being a celebration.


We would love you to join us this year, the first step to this is by registering below.   Before you do so we would encourage you to read our guidelines which have changed this year following lessons learned last year.

2023 A5 flyer.jpg

Artist Details

All Art needs to be in a ready to hang/display format. 

  • This means Framed (including canvas box frames) - it does not mean paper mounts, or loose works that have to be attached by other means than a wire hanging. 
    (We expect to have some Velcro hanging again this year, but most will be hung by wire).

  • They need to be original works by the artist

  • Prints (5 per artist) and cards (20 per artist) are permitted in the Cards and Prints area.

  • Subject to demand we will also have a Photography section this year.

  • We will have a 3d section, and are very happy to hear from any 3d artists or other formats.


Size of Painted (2d) works being “around A3”

  • We define A3 as 30cm x 42cm

  • We define around A3 as the total borders of your artwork being
    30+42+30+42 = 142 cm + 36 cm (25% to make it around)
    = total of all sides adding up to less than 178 cm - its around A3.

  • We do not mind what shape your art is - tall, wide, round or alternative - we are open to all

  • If the total sides adds up to less than 100 cm - we define this as Small

  • If the total sides add up to more than 178 cm but less than 250 cm we define this as large.

  • Works bigger than large are by arrangement  - please contact us.


When counting to 5 for paid artists

  • Artists are free to combine 2 of 5 works to make 1 large.

  • Artists are free to Split a work to give 2 Small pieces.
    (As defined in the size guide)



One of the lessons that came out of last year was that the bulk of the money raised by the Church came from ticket sales, and a lot of artist tickets were given away free. 

This year we are changing this - so each artist will be given a discount code - which will allow you to invite guests at a discount - for each person who uses your discount code - we will give you £1 back on your registration fee.

Tickets will be £5 for entry - or £3 with artist code.

£5 for tea and cake or £7 for wine and canopies. (This is also being upgraded this year).


Artist Options

There are 2 options:

  • Pay per piece

    • Everyone is permitted one piece (free).

    • You can purchase an entry into the Art Exhibition Guide for £5.

    • You can purchase up to 4 additional pieces of art for £5 each (total of 5  Pieces)


  • OR, if you purchase to enter 5 pieces of art - for £20 - we will include Entry into the Exhibition Guide Free. This mean

    • 1 Free piece + 4 Pieces for £5 each

    • Free Social Media Post - for you to use, that we will also be using

    • Entry into the guide

    • Discount tickets for your guests.

    • If you sell on the Gala evening or sell out - you will be permitted to replace your art works. (1 artist last year sold 5 pieces)


Payment will be taken in September, at this stage you are only registering your interest.

We have decided not to offer the premium Artist offering this year.

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